Support costs reduced to zero

Support costs reduced to zero

Consumer Translations makes translation distribution easy and affordable for mass communicators, business forms users and product manufacturers. We become your dedicated I.T. department for translation, and do all the small things that make your communications reach their targets in the right languages. 

We provide all necessary services: 

  • All translations are performed by highly qualified translators.
  • We create directories for your company, and for each communication project
  • We post those translations online after client approval.
  • We provide all services as an integrated, turnkey project. 

Your translated information – whether advertising, marcom, legal notices, business forms, etc. – remains online for an initial one-year period.  Annual renewals can be ordered at less than 20% of the initial cost.

Consumer Translations remains responsible for translation posting, maintenance and technical support.  Your company can trust the availability of your information on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year in a secure systems environment.  And if there are unexpected problems  – fire, storm, systems failure  – we are up and running within the shortest possible time.  No one can stop catastrophes from happening, but we ensure that our systems will respond quickly when they do occur.

And all of this comes as part of our basic service fees.

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