What Consumer Translations Offers – Immediate Benefits

What Consumer Translations Offers – Immediate Benefits

We offer a new way to communicate with the world outside your own culture and language  – simply and conveniently.

The innovations of our service approach are both new and industry-changing:

  • An entirely new online translation-plus-delivery™ service
  • An attractive solution for clients that have rejected translation because of its cost or complexity
  • A new global solution for multilingual mass communications

What are the immediate benefits for you, specifically?  

1.       30 minutes maximum online time needed for the entire project.

2.       No client staff or resources are needed at any point.

3.       Translation work is done by euroscript®, the world’s 6th-largest translation firm, unless you choose to use your own provider.

4.       All projects are translated, and second-translator reviewed, by professionals native to the target language.

5.       Online posting and distribution is done by us, Consumer Translations, the company that developed the turnkey Translation‑and‑Delivery™ approach.

6.       Translation retrieval is easy  – just click on a hyperlink. 

7.       Only most-recent / updated translations are displayed.

8.       There is no need for I.T. department involvement.

9.       Translations are posted and maintained online 24/7 as part of our services.

It's simple to use, and the benefits are impressive.  This hyperlink-plus-delivery approach will reach foreign-born readers in your own country  – and also enables you to create new markets in other countries.  You will be able to attract new prospects, to communicate with them better.  And they will always prefer products and services that they can read about in their own languages.  You can enlarge your market at minimal cost.

For foreign-born prospects and customers, this can bring improvements to their lives.  It’s easy for you to implement, and for your foreign-language readers to access.  It's a true win-win solution.

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