Changing Perspectives

Changing Perspectives

The assumption in the translation industry has always been that "the translator translates, and the client distributes".  

Today, the delivery function can be simplified using hyperlinks – and becomes even simpler with higher numbers of translations.  Now you can implement – that is, both translate and deliver – a 15-language project just as easily as a single translation.  It may take you thirty seconds longer, at the most, to enter the order – but you still distribute only one "source message".  Displaying our hyperlinks takes care of all translation distribution and reader access.

This new, patent-pending approach was originated by Consumer Translations.  It is currently available nowhere else, and cannot be found through a Google search.  We have developed new assumptions ("the translator both translates and delivers"), new methods like hyperlink access to translations, and new definitions ("translation delivery" now includes using a single mouse-click to access a needed translation).  Our new process is a lot more than using hyperlinks – it has defined our entire company structure.

When these new methods are combined, you – the communicator – will benefit.  You now can distribute translations for e-mail, advertising, user manuals, legal notices, brochures, newsletters – with only a 15-minute website order entry.

Our services are focused both on electronic documents  and print / display media.  Email accesses translations via hyperlinks for marcom, advertising, business & financial forms, etc.   Print / display media use QR codes to access the same translations.

Consumer Translations does it all – the highest-quality translations, made instantly accessible to readers.

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