Features Of Our Services

Features Of Our Services

You've heard of "turnkey services" and "outsourcing" improving process quality.  Now you will understand why so many companies receive higher quality services, at lower total cost, from external providers.  Your internal translation overhead can be reduced to nothing.

We deliver all of the following with our basic service:

  1. Translation of the written materials, with formal Quality Control included
    1. Our translations partners employ active Quality Control processes
    2. All translations are sent to the Client for final verification before web-posting
    3. During this review period, graphics can be added to the materials as needed, then returned to us for posting online.
  2. We provide "language selection pages" for multiple-language projects, all included in our basic pricing.  So if you need ten languages, they don't have to crowd your source document  – a single hyperlink goes to the language selection page, and one mouse-click goes to the chosen translation.
  3. We create webpage addresses (URLs) to post translations on our secure domain, which is maintained 24/7 and fully protected from unauthorized access.
  4. We provide hyperlinks immediately to our clients  – even before completion of translations – to enable placement in the primary-language document in time for public release.
    1. Hyperlinks are inserted at the top of the English (source-language) document, such as an e-mail.  Our logo indicates the availability of translations using a graphical message.  Foreign-language readers then click on a language name, linking directly to the desired translation.
    2. Note that our logo is a graphical design and  language names are  presented in their native alphabets or pictographs.  No foreign language skills are needed.
  5. Posting of translations onto the specified webpages
  6. Maintenance of information systems to keep posted translations online 24/7, 365 days per year
  7. Full backup of all posted webpages on physically separate servers
  8. Immediate backup systems availability in case of system failure, downtime or errors
  9. Rapid completion of all projects, including online availability, within 2-4 weeks.

All the above is our responsibility.  We take it seriously and with the highest possible quality.

Try us out for a short translation-and-delivery project.  You'll see how simple, convenient and reasonably-priced it is.  And you'll never go back to "the traditional way".

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