Translation Uses by Industry

Translation Uses by Industry

"Mass Communications" is a broad term.  The following table provides more detail, showing the many varied uses of Consumer Translations services.

Every industry, from banking to travel & leisure, has its own communications needs.  These are just some of the potential uses for translated mass communications:



There are many more applications of our services than marketing communications.  For example, if there is an automotive product safety recall:  how can a company be sure to reach everybody that has bought that product – and know that they understand the safety issues involved?  Legally, "best efforts" are required to reach all affected consumers.  If 10%-30% of your target population can't read the language of the warning, that is not "best efforts" and is not effective.  Translated warnings and legal notices will help foreign-born consumers to understand their risk, and can lower your legal risk and insurance costs.

With translations available online, advertisers will reach many more prospects – including those who continually discard materials they cannot understand.  Consumer Translations offers you a simple way to increase market penetration, communicate better for every possible need, and  reach your entire customer base  – perhaps for the first time.

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