Consumer Translations’ Uniqueness

Consumer Translations\' Uniqueness

Consumer Translations is a new kind of company.  


We are the first and only company globally to offer a delivery-by-hyperlink service.  This solution was developed with the real world in mind:  many potential clients walk away from translation completely, not wanting the cost and complexity - or the commitment for a continuing program.

With delivery-by-hyperlink, those problems go away.  Your existing clients can communicate more often and more easily, and you may find that new clients will be attracted to this 21st-century solution to an old problem.


We are the first company to provide translation-plus-distribution as an integrated, turnkey solution.  We invented this consulting service, and we will continue to develop it further.

With Consumer Translations, you can have the entire translation cycle - translation, verification and delivery to readers in all languages desired - done with just one order entry and payment.  What could be easier?  And we have a money-back satisfaction guarantee.


Content can include advertising and marketing materials, customer communications, business forms & contracts, product recalls, etc. 

Review the usage matrix at TURN-KEY SERVICE / "Translation Use by Industry"  for many useful applications – you probably publish many of them today.

As time goes on, we will see more uses develop.  Convenient global communications will lead to  many more possibilities than we can see today.


In the coming months, Consumer Translations will announce services for print and display media.  Today, our services are limited to online communications – tomorrow, you will be able to provide convenient translations for outdoor displays, newspapers, magazines and all other forms of print media.

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