We invite translators to contact us regarding web-posting for their translation projects.  We will never take translation work away from you – it’s simply not our business focus.  

We will work with translation firms and freelance translators, those who appreciate the market opportunity of hyperlink-delivery for clients.  Once your clients understand the power of hyperlink delivery, it will become a frequent communications choice.  And once this web-posted delivery method is understood, it's a small step forward to understand Translation-and-Delivery: every step in the complete translation cycle performed by a single order, with no need for internal staff or resources.

To translators and translation firms:  We look forward to working with you, doing the web-posting and delivery side of the business.  You will note that hyperlinks can be done by anyone: that is true, but assigning hyperlinks to the I.T. department just creates another internal task for more scheduling and priority discussion.  We believe this is a specialty role, best performed outside the client company by a dedicated provider.  When you (the translators) and we (the delivery vehicle) work together, it makes translation simplicity itself for the client.

When you bring us into a project, we will not contact your clients afterward for translation translation work except through you; we will not release data you provide to other parties; and we will pay you either the same rates you are currently charging your standard clients - or you can invoice your clients directly.  When you have referred clients to us, we will only recommend new work from them to the referring translators. 

If you wish to market online posting as a stand-alone service from Consumer Translations, we will work with you on an agency / commission basis.

We believe strongly in win-win business arrangements.

Why not drop us an e-mail to initiate a working partnership?  Our address:


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