Ease of Use

Ease of Use

For those who have rejected translation in the past, the Consumer Translations method is a very big deal.  Translation always had the possibility of increased market share or better customer relations, but it wasn't always worth the price paid  – either in money or in staff time.

For Mass Communicators

The unique design of our service structure allows us to provide all the client’s translation & distribution needs with only a single, 15-minute website contact.  That includes translation, quality control, website posting and other supporting processes.  This replaces the traditional method of maintaining language databases and sending multiple mailings.  This makes translation affordable on a one-time basis, or for a full communications program.  We feature reasonable prices and no hidden overhead or internal costs for the client / communicator.

For End-Users / Readers

Translations are available online at the click of a mouse.  For electronic documents – email, online advertising, business & medical forms, etc. – this is typically under-30-second response time.   Future services will also focus on printed and outdoor advertising materials.

Now, for the first time, advertisers can reach 100% of the market without knowing their prospects’ language preferences in advance.  With traditional tools, this simply could not be done.  The Consumer Translations approach allows full market penetration. The foreign-language reader simply clicks on their native language to understand – and respond to – advertising and marketing messages. This also allows them to access business forms for insurance, banking, legal and government forms, and to receive customer communications easily.  For the first time, automotive product recalls can reach everyone with internet access to warn of a safety recall. 

Consumer Translations enables communicators to penetrate 100% of the online, foreign-born reader population for the first time, at reasonable cost and convenience. 

As of 2012, North America has an average internet accessibility of 78.6%.  (See "Internet Use in North America" in the Statistics section.)  Our method takes advantage of that access, so you can avoid the cost of multilingual databases and of dedicated translation staff.

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