The Case for Translation

The Case for Translation

This section provides statistics for you to make a "case for translation".  To convince management to translate your communications, you may need data about online access, levels of immigration, languages spoken at home, etc.


The statistics  in this section,  together with their source citations, may help you present the advantages of a translation strategy.  Be sure to check if newer data has been posted at these URLs - the case for translation is improving every day.

There are three global factors which make Consumer Translations critical to your mass communications: 

  1. The increase of cross-border movement of workers, and high immigration rates
  2. The buying power of cross-border migrant professionals and workers
  3. The constantly-increasing percentage of internet access worldwide

OLD SAYING:  The world is changing rapidly.  NEW REALITY: the world changed radically years ago, and we are still trying to catch up.  Our cities have millions of non-native  immigrants, many of them educated and most of them with sufficient funds to participate in the consumer economy.  They are valid customer prospects, and traditional native-language marketing and advertising is not reaching them effectively.

NOTE:  in most immigrant  communities, up to 70% of the adult population is not able to read comfortably in their adopted country’s language.  This means that they cannot read, understand or respond to most written communications they receive.  Consumer-oriented companies cannot sell products or services to these foreign non-readers without."speaking their language".

Consumer Translations posts and maintains translated consumer materials on the Internet, as a turnkey communications service. It extends the true readership of marketing materials by 10%-30% at low cost, by reaching non-native populations easily.  There’s no need for multiple  e-mailings ever again.  Letters, offers, brochures, legal forms – we perform all necessary tasks to get your information to those who can’t read the majority language, and at a low total cycle cost. 

Consumer Translations offers a turnkey price for all translation and delivery tasks – the same price for a mailing list of hundreds, thousands or millions of prospects.  Your native-language documenht just displays the hyperlinks we send you, and foreign-language readers can access their desired translation.

If you want to "make the case" for translation, review the next few pages.  All sources are listed and are publicly available, so feel free to use them to support multilingual communications.

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