No I.T. Department Support Needed

No I.T. Department Support Needed

The Consumer Translations distribution approach is fully independent of your I.T. department.  We become your special-purpose  department for all translation needs.  

You could ask your IT department to use hyperlinks in the same way, but then you would have to start a new – and unfamiliar – conversation with them.  We do this for you and we do it the best way to fit your needs, including customized solutions when required.

Make no mistake:  You are our first priority.  You don't have to wait for "more critical work" to be done.  When you have a communication ready for publication, send it to us for immediate attention.  And typically the entire project will be translated and online within 1-2 weeks.

We do all necessary translation and distribution tasks as a combined service. These advantages mean that the communicators are – for the first time – fully self-sufficient in multilingual communications. One visit to Consumer Translations' website enables all steps to happen, to happen timely, and to eliminate internal communications or coordination errors.

What tasks do you do?  Only two:

1. Review the translations for online distribution.  You can have this done separately, or you can trust our own second-translator revision policy for all documents.  You can even do nothing:  translations are posted automatically after a specific waiting period.  

2. If you want the translation improved with graphics treatment, the review time period lets you handle this internally.  And you can instruct us to change the review time, or to publish on a specific date.  We are not graphics artists, and we don't know your company's graphical standards.  So this is the one step we leave to you.  Just return a PDF file with the completed translation-plus-graphics, and we'll put it online. 

Try out our services, and become self-sufficient when translations are needed.   

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