Example: Solving Hard Problems in New Ways

Example:  Solving Hard Problems in New Ways

When new solutions are invented, often there are unexpected benefits.  Using hyperlink access, business forms and contract management can be radically improved.

Imagine you're the Senior Vice President of Mortgages at a major California bank with over 250 branches.  In this position, you are faced with the following situation:

  • A California Bank’s Business Needs:
    • Your mortgage forms situation has become unmanageable
    • You have 10 mortgage products, each with 10 forms required
    • In addition, California law requires translations of all forms into 5 additional languages
      • California Civil Code §1632 requires translated documents for Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, or Korean if negotiations are conducted in those languages.
    • There are over  250 branches in your region
    • Your bank has to maintain accessibility to all forms, in all languages, in all branches.

How to solve this problem?  Now, an entirely new solution is available.

The solution, using Consumer Translations' approach, is simple.  The full range of business forms, in all languages, is accessed using ten  “Forms Access Screens” such as the one below:

All language names are hyperlinks to the correct form in the desired language.  For customer-oriented screens, the language name would simply be displayed in its native spelling or pictogram.  The only skill needed is to click on the correct hyperlink, print it out and fill it in.  A complex forms distribution problem  has been replaced by instant access for all branches, all forms and in all languages.  

As a bonus, updating forms is easy:  only the most current version is displayed – no more piles of out-of-date forms, no more confusion as to their update status.  Just send us a new version, and we will replace it free up to three times yearly.

Theoretically, this could be done by us or by your IT department.  But we are the only firm worldwide that can do this as a turnkey service without need for internal resources from the client.  We are 100% focused on your multilingual communications needs, with no conflicting priorities.

If you want to implement a solution similar to this, write to us at CEO@consumertranslations.com.   

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