The Value We Provide

The Value We Provide

A single, one-time fee.  You can translate one document per week, or per decade.  The fee is the same, and you don't have to maintain staff to support multiple languages.  And there's more....

Our services enable higher penetration of mass communications in multilingual markets, for

  • Advertising
  • Marketing communications
  • Business forms & contracts
  • User manuals
  • And others – see "Uses by Industry" chart [[HYPERLINKS TO WEBPAGE]] 

CT’s business process is designed for high volumes of jobs – no waiting for other tasks to clear.

All processes are automated except translation – here we use experienced, native-language, professional translators only.

Our services replace your need to depend on your I.T. dept:

  • Turnkey translations with second-translator Quality Control
  • Turnkey webpage creation
  • Turnkey space availability
  • Turnkey hyperlinks to provide requested translations

The Result:  MarCom can now be self-sufficient in implementing a translated communications strategy.

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