Richard Tamir, Founder & CEO

Richard Tamir, Founder & CEO

Consumer Translations is an entirely new approach to translation, with a business structure to support this approach.  

We invite existing translation firms and translators to work with us.  "It’s through this cooperation that our new model of translation will be accepted globally," says Richard Tamir, CEO and Founder.

Mr. Tamir has a combined experience of 40 years in the following industries:

  • Founder of a specialized translation service for legal documents
  • Software strategy & development manager, creating new software for Digital Equipment Corp.
  • Strategic solutions facilitator for Fortune-100 companies at executive levels
  • Global practice leader with a "Big-8" (now "Big-4") audit/consulting firm
  • Quality Control manager in electronic legal services, earning the first ISO 9001 certification for legal document review
  • Professional experience as an attorney

With this background and his creative way of seeing old problems in new ways, it was natural that Mr. Tamir would see “the hole” in the translation industry.  (This is described in TURN-KEY SERVICES / There’s Something Missing Here…. on this website.)  Developing that insight to a practical business structure was his next task, to create a new kind of translation company – helping both communicators and translators alike.

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