Delivery Only

Provide us with completed translations, already edited and approved, and we will do all that’s necessary for online posting –  creating addresses for your content, hyperlink creation, and support and maintenance of the online document(s) for the contracted period (1-year minimum, then renewable).


All translations for a given document should be uploaded together, as part of the same order.  Then the hyperlink and QR codes will access them as a group. 

To enter an order, click on UPLOAD  and select a translation file to be uploaded from your computer folders. 

After each translation uploads, simply click on “+ADD ANOTHER TRANSLATION”. 

If you also want the source-language document to be posted, be sure to upload it along with the translations.

When finished uploading all files, click on “CONTINUE” to review and finalize the order.  This screen also allows you to enter the “LSP test document” phrase for first-users.


  1. Do not enter any financial information - that is only needed when payment is made, after receipt of invoice.  Consumer Translations does not wish to receive your financial data.
  2. When your order is submitted and the translations are uploaded, we will respond with an e-mail confirming the order.  Later you will receive an invoice with project pricing, to be paid via secure  online payment or wire transfer.  If there are questions or changes to be made, email us at  
  3. We will send you graphic hyperlinks after receipt of payment, so  you can insert them into your mailing immediately.  Prior to actual posting, dummy files will be shown at each URL to enable testing.  
  4. The Consumer Translations logo will also be an active hyperlink, linking to a  Language Selection Page showing all available translations.  Readers can then click their desired translation language and access it instantly.  This can prevent your mailing from being overcrowded with hyperlinks.
  5. The fee for hyperlink creation plus posting is $55 / page / language. We recommend that your translations include e-mail cover messages, if appropriate, to ensure complete communication.  
  6. Extending the online availability  will cost $10/page per language per year.  You will be contacted near the end of the year regarding  continuation.  There is no need to include future years in today's order.
  7. Consumer Translations reserves the right to adjust all prices.