"Quantum-leap ideas" come from asking basic questions, and questioning old assumptions.

Questions like, "Why is translation used so little?" and assumptions like, "The translator translates, and the client delivers."

From these perspectives comes a completely new translation approach  – simpler and more convenient for you to implement.

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Translation Revolution!


A New Approach

A new approach to Translation Delivery – how it reaches your readers.

If you ever tried sending out translated mass communications – marketing materials, business forms, support and legal documents – you know it’s hard to distribute. That’s the cause of  “translation complexity” – 

and We’ve Solved It.

mass communciations

You know that translation will increase your market penetration, but it’s always been too complex. Multiple e-mailings, coordinating with other departments, etc. – each communication and each language takes too much effort.

That’s no longer true: Consumer Translations has a 1-step, 15-minute order process – that’s all you need to do. That one contact brings you both translation and delivery to your target market in multiple languages. And multiple languages take only a few seconds more to order, translate and deliver.

with one click!

Hyperlinks allow a single e-mailing to bring every translation to your audience.  Customers and prospects just click on the language they want.

Why send translations the old way, using multiple e-mailings to different language groups?  Now you can reach all readers, native and foreign-language, in one mailing by sending hyperlinks to the translations.  This is the Better - Faster - Cheaper solution for marketing communications.

One-Visit Order
No Staff Time Needed

Try our new approach to Translation Delivery for as little as $125 for your trial document, up to 250 words, translated into one language and distributed online via hyperlink.

No need for internal staff work or I.T. coordination – We Do It All!

You'll find that your opinion of translation will change. It’s now easy to order, easy to implement, and reaches more prospects than ever.

A New Approach Translated<br><strong>mass communciations</strong> GET TRANSLATIONS<br><strong>with one click!</strong> One-Visit Order<br><strong>No Staff Time Needed</strong>

How it Works

CLOUD STORAGE OF YOUR TRANSLATIONS:  We maintain secure, Cloud-based storage and display for your translations.  It's a 21st-century solution to translation project complexity.  In many ways, our service is like a billboard for translations.  You have complete content control, and only materials you provide can ever be displayed on your private space. You don't have to own the billboard - just use it when needed.

TURNKEY TRANSLATION + DISTRIBUTION:  Forget multiple e-mailings. With one order, you can have translations done and delivered. Our hyperlinks let readers self-access the translation they want with one click. And you avoid I.T. delays and conflicts because we perform all tasks immediately when needed.

DISTRIBUTION ONLY - PAST TRANSLATIONS  OR USING YOUR OWN TRANSLATOR:  We work with all translators.  If you just want delivery to your customers and prospects, it's totally simple to do.  Just use our regular Order form, and click the "Delivery Only" option.  Your translations will be posted online within a week, and you will be sent hyperlinks to insert in your email or advertising materials.  That's all that's needed.

We are your own I.T. department for translation delivery, and it’s our only priority.



Consumer Translations delivers translated content in a new way.  We provide translation hyperlinks and QR codes that instantly access your translations online,  Simply display them in your email or printed materials – and forget attachments and mail-merge forever.  This approach lets your readers choose what language to read.

In your home or office, our logo-hyperlink will display all translations available for the document you’re reading.  But what happens away from the home or office?  When a shopper wants to understand a product brochure but can’t read the local language, they just point their smartphone at the “QR Code” displayed on the product advertisement.  Then, just like with hyperlinks when online, the QR code takes the shopper to the list of available translations.  What’s the difference?  Hyperlinks are for online access, QR codes for offline access using smartphones.

Translations are now available when relaxing at home, while reading a magazine, shopping, attending conferences, and during many other activities.  Your smartphone's QR reader app will instantly access the translation you select.


What special and new capability does this bring to our clients?  For the very first time, sellers can now reach all prospects in all targeted languages in only one mailing, without the need to identify each reader’s own language.  This means no more mail-merge projects, no more specialized mail lists, no more internal costs for translated marcom distribution.  With Consumer Translations, it all happens in a single email distribution.





Hyperlink at left, QR code at right for same URL 

How You Benefit

Translation and delivery  are our only business. You’ll never have communications held back for your I.T. department's “more important priorities”.  This is the easiest and highest-quality approach for translated communications to prospects and customers.

Enter your order, and your project will be done a.s.a.p.  Just like you always wanted.


euroscript® – Our Translation Outsource Partner

Consumer Translations will work with your own translator, or will supply one if needed.  Since we provide  translation delivery services and do no translation work ourselves, the choice is entirely up to you.

If you need a translation company, we have contracted with euroscript international S.A., the 6th-ranked translation company in the world.  (Ranking by Common Sense Advisory can be found here.)  euroscript’s offices are located all over the world – North and South America, Europe, China and India.  They provide the highest standards of translation quality, including second-translator verification and full Quality Control.  All projects are professionally translated and reviewed, using a second-translator-revision process. Translation and review are performed separately by translators qualified under DIN EN 15038:2006-08.  All translators and reviewers are native speakers of the target language you have selected.

With euroscript’s translation work, together with Consumer Translations’ web-posting delivery, you will be able to reach your target audience in the best way possible.  All this from a single, online order entry.


We work with all translators.  If you already have a translator, just send us the approved translations for posting.  The Delivery-Only billing is less than 50% of the Translation-and-Delivery cost, and your translations will be online within one week.  And please inform your translators that all relationships are respected and held confidential.  No information about any of our clients is released to any other parties.


Enter Your Order

It's as easy as we could design:

  1. Set up your client account. This is a 10-minute, 1-time effort.
  2. FOR TRANSLATION-AND-DELIVERY:  Enter your order and upload your source document. This takes about 10-15 minutes at our website.
  3. FOR DELIVERY ONLY:  On the Order Entry page, click SELECT AND CONTINUE at the bottom of the webpage, after the "Delivery Only" option.  Then upload your completed translations.  Translations can be from any translation agency.  Format should be PDF.
  4. We will send you an e-mail with pricing and invoice for your project.  You then pay the invoice at our SSL-secure payment page, and the project is carried out.  Expect 1-2 weeks for completion.
  5. NOTE FOR WHEN PAYMENT IS MADE:  Your credit card data is available only to the bank - we cannot access this data.  This is to ensure your trust of our services.

The advantages of one-stop translation and delivery?  Many.

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